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They ruined each other—now they need each other. Solyra_Cover_201710Fsmall

With a posse of blood-thirsty collectors on her trail, Solyra is forced to partner with the man she ruined.

Desperate to remake himself, Terring stakes his last prospects on the woman who wrecked his finances and, once upon a time, wrecked his heart.

Opportunity beckons from a far-off land, and the two set off on a rugged caravan journey. They’re willing to risk pirates, trolls, stampeding buffalumphs, and the dreaded Death Bringers to win fortune’s smile.

But to grab LOVE’S LAST SECOND CHANCE, Terring must give up his twice-bruised heart. And Solyra has no choice but to surrender her own anguished secrets.

Paperback  288 pages | $14.99 USD | ISBN: 978-1-939530-93-6 || Kindle $4.99 USD | ISBN: 978-1-939530-94-3 ||

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